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"I kind of want you to be Dorothy and get the demons to dress up as your sidekicks."

"Any takers?"

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Dantalion stared, both bemused and enraptured at the run-down Antonia’s mind was giving her. He noted a few conceptual mistakes, but wasn’t entirely sure of how best to correct them. Most unfortunately, she seemed to be very easily frustrated.

"Well, there are… a few things we could try. I was attempting the path of least intervention, as I gathered, quite frankly, you don’t want me in your head.” He couldn’t really blame her. He didn’t want him in his head, either, some days. “We can either continue on this path, which will take quite a bit of time and rigourous self-reflection.” <Meaning, you can’t suddenly come to understand your own mind in three minutes, dear, after a lifetime of ignoring it.>

"Or, there are a few other options available. I could somewhat, possibly, maybe, speed up the process by feeding your own thoughts back to you. You might be able to examine them more easily this way. I’ve not tried this one before, I have to admit." Dantalion bit his lip, running over the possibility of an experiment. "It could be a bit overwhelming."

"Secondly, I could skip the theoretical work altogether, and get started on the practical aspect, sending you memory thoughts of a human’s experience of telepathy, and seeing how you react to that. No promises there; I’ve no idea what sort of educational effect that might have if you’re unfamiliar with the underlying theory."

"Or I could say comfort be damned, and just start uploading the knowledge, via conceptual transfer, which you need to know. I had assumed this wasn’t the path you preferred. I’ve been told it… ‘sucks balls,’ I believe he said." He smirked at the memory. "But it’s a really fucking effective way to get things done. And the one I have the most experience with, for that very reason."

"I don’t want you in my head any more than necessary." She answered quickly. None of the options he presented her with seemed overly appealing, but the path of least intervention at least seemed to give her the most control. Self reflection, though. Who wanted that?

No one with a telepath in the room, that was for sure.

"Alright, self-reflection it is, I guess. Only…" Not with you here. "Only I need you to leave. Thank you for everything so far, and I promise I’ll work on it. It’s just you already saw more than i would have wanted you to see before. I can’t just let my mind run and act as an observer while you’re here. I’ll wanna control it too much. There’re too many things I’d rather keep to myself, for now. Is that alright?" This is so awkward. This shouldn’t be awkward.

"I mean, it’s not like I want to chase you off or anything. You’re interesting. Helpful. But self-reflection’s bad enough without having someone listening in."

[So i’m looking at replying to a thread that’s more than a month old, because it needs writing for completeness’ sake if nothing else. It’s so weird trying to write Toni with out-of-date feelings and behaviours.]

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howtoserveaman a réagi à votre billet “Trying to explain to my parents why Toni killing Asmo’s dragon had me…”

it was Amdu’s dragon but yeah

[So it was. Still a poor decision.]

Trying to explain to my parents why Toni killing Asmo’s dragon had me laughing so much didn’t really work.]

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[Why does the board game site dislike me?]

[I’m gonna start collecting gifs of various muses with cat noses and whiskers.]

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  • Paimon: And that's why we have nine planets.
  • Summoner: Uh... We have eight. Pluto isn't a planet anymore, don't you know that? They changed it in 2006.
  • Paimon: Yeah, I heard about that... And I disagree.
  • Summoner: You disagree?
  • Paimon: Yes. It is possible to disagree in science. Pluto was a planet. Some committee of fancy assholes disagreed. I disagree back!





How many altos does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
None, they can’t get that high.

How many sopranos does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

One, she holds it up and waits for the world to revolve around her.

How many singers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Two. An alto to actually do it and a soprano to stand by and ask “isn’t that a little high for you?”

u wanna fucking go

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"All the same, we should probably keep them away from anything that could kill them without a second thought. Gem would be fine, but it would hurt me like a bitch, and I’m pretty fond of Angel. You know, when he’s not giving me hell." It was a weird friendship between the three of them, sure, but they were his family and he would prefer they stay intact.

"I think I could behave well enough to meet your friends, though," he said, smiling down at her. "From what you’ve said so far they actually seem sort of fun. In a more-powerful-than-anything-I’ve-ever-seen sort of way."

"They are. Most of the time. When they’re not actively doing anything particularly heinous. That you’re aware of. Demons. Eh." She shrugged. Unless they were in a particularly bad mood, she didn’t usually get to see them doing anything blatantly awful. 

"I mean, I know you’re probably busy on halloween, with all the dumb stuff teengers do, but if you think you could take a few hours off, there’s a twenty-four hour party going on in Thailand. If you want to meet the demons. I mean I know Luci’s got her graveyard thing, but I figure that’s only in one timezone. Eight hours here, sixteen with them. Think about it?"

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Send me ಠ_ಠ to know an inappropriate thought my muse has had about yours.

I swear at this rate next time I turn up at his unnanounced he’ll just be naked.

Maybe I should test that theory?

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Send me ಠ_ಠ to know an inappropriate thought my muse has had about yours.

With enough alcohol involved she’d probably be kinda gay.

And this is why we’re never allowed to go to vegas together.

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Send me ಠ_ಠ to know an inappropriate thought my muse has had about yours.

I wonder if he’s as stoic and business-like about sex as he is about everything else.

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Send me ಠ_ಠ to know an inappropriate thought my muse has had about yours.

How do you even conceal a penis that big in normal pants.

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Send me ಠ_ಠ to know an inappropriate thought my muse has had about yours.

I wonder how much kakadan horn would go for on the witches black-market?

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